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Jasoon has the access to the identity documents of 5 billions people —including passports, driver licenses and national IDs from 182 countries– then perform AML and KYC checks in seconds.

Fast. Secure. Cut-price
In real-time. Mobile.

Jasoon can be set to use Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) to measure risks the business is exposed to. For example, if a customer of a bank is asking for a loan, Jasoon can check the statistic of other clients with similar requests and it will compare them to calculate the risk to grant the loan. This Jasoon can do in minutes, not in days.

Jasoon doesn't just check and verify the identity, it discovers the deep connections throughout this data by using advanced AI functions out of the box.

Using cognitive search and content analytics engine, Jasoon identifies patterns, trends and actionable insights that result in better decision-making.

Powerful Network Link Analysis tool
Top 10 suspicious activities

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Suspicious Identity Network Analysis
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Based in IBM Financial Crime Unit.

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"...reduce risk and enable identity verification across borders"

Joseph Remesar CEO ThKeeper

IBM Cloud makes it easy for us to plug in APIs from IBM Watson and third parties to further enhance our identity risk management service

Cristian Juntunen
Chief Technology Officer

When we talk about development and project management, he has the coldness of the Vikings. He is in charge of our developer team in Dublin, Ireland, although in practice he has to coordinate with the teams in Los Angeles and London.

Joseph Remesar
Chief Executive Officer

In September 2017 Joseph was one of the Twenty-eight cyber entrepreneurs competed for their place on HutZero the UK government-backed week-long 'bootcamp' that includes training and mentoring by some of Britain’s best cyber brains and cyber security companies.  He is one of the few partners of IBM to have developed a business application in IBM Watson, a question-answering AI computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language.

He is a respected and effective interim leader with over 17 years’ experience of delivering complex transformation programmes.  He is equally comfortable delivering both business and technology transformation programmes and is  often called upon to bridge the gap between the business and technology. 

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author "Limitless"

Nick Powell
Consultant Director