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How it works

Randomized Generated key, Encryption at its best

The technology uses physical and psychological data obtained in real-time that nobody else could get hold of nor duplicate through your identification, bio-physical data, medical prescription and lifestyle Index. This four metrics will be extracted and matched to generate a one-time bio-key which help also to protect and access your information.

Software-as-a-service - SaaS model

Our service is hosted on a cloud infrastructure and businesses pay a monthly fee to get access to this software.Our API allows you to easily embed our sharing services directly on your own websites and mobile apps –– providing one-click access to our platform right where you do business.

Cybersecurity. Committing to protect you

ThKeeper brings the ultimate innovative technology to reinvent the way individuals’ identities are managed. By providing a safe environment for identities to be created digitally; further verifying its validity using the identity owner’s biophysical data, and securely storing it in a centralized and unified location, whilst effectively managing risk, security and confidentiality

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