ThKeeper privacy notice


No personally identifiable information (PII) about the customer, the operator of the software, or those whose documents are authenticated by the software is stored or transmitted to ThKeeper under any circumstances. The collected data does not include any images or partial images of the documents that are processed. The only information collected that relates to the document being processed is the type of the document (for example, USA ePassport Series 2006). This information is required in order to correlate performance issues with the document type so that improvements can be made to the Jasoon Document Library to specifically improve the performance, recognition, and authentication reliability of documents encountered by ThKeeper’s customers. 

No personal information is left or saved in the mobile.

ThKeeper Ltd believes that individuals should be in control of their Personal Data and recognizes that the need for strong, customer friendly identity proofing solutions has never been greater.  As Personal Data is continuously at risk, we strive to create trusted solutions that put individuals at ease and give them control of their data, while simultaneously allowing businesses to address the appropriate level of risk and offer the appropriate security.  ThKeeper, as a data processor under the GDPR is compliant with the rigorous demands of the legislation and we want to work and cooperate with our current and future partners and be prepared to meet the requirements of the GDPR together.

GDPR Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of Personal Data of individuals within the European Union (EU). Any company that holds personal data of EU residents or processes data of EU residents is accountable under the GDPR, regardless of the company’s physical location.

ThKeeper’s Security Measurements

ThKeeper has implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the Personal Data while the data is in ThKeeper’s possession or control. The security measures that ThKeeper has implemented include, but are not limited to:

• Encryption of the Personal Data during transmission;

• Prevention of accidental or unauthorized access, reading, copying, modification, removal or destruction of the Personal Data;

• Access is restricted to ThKeeper’s employees who have a “need to know” in order to carry out the purpose of the processing and all of those employees are under an obligation of confidentiality with ThKeeper;

• Training of ThKeeper’s employees regarding the proper handling of Personal Data;

• The data center where the Personal Data is processed and/or stored has restricted access;

• Use of technological means (e.g. firewalls) to prevent unauthorized access to the Personal Data while it is in ThKeeper’s possession or control;

• A disaster recovery plan which allows the restoration of all Personal Data in the event of a catastrophic event;

• Logging of all processing activity of the Personal Data which records when the Personal Data was processed, what processes the Personal Data underwent, anyone that accessed the Personal Data, where and when the Personal Data was transmitted and when the Personal Data was erased from ThKeeper’s SAAS service; and

• Annual review and evaluation of the adequacy of ThKeeper’s security measures.

Data Subject’s Access to the Personal Data

• ThKeeper’s Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) may be contacted at

• Data Subjects may contact the DPO about all issues related to processing of their Personal Data and exercise all of their rights under the GDPR. A Data Subject is entitled to request and the DPO shall respond without undue delay to the following:

  • To know the content of the Personal Data being processed and/or stored by ThKeeper

  • Correction, amendment, or deletion of their Personal Data if inaccurate

  • To whom the Personal Data has been disclosed



The information given to you by ThKeeper concerning technical, legal, or professional aspects of ThKeeper’s compliance with the GDPR is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice nor create any legal obligation or liability on the part of ThKeeper, Inc.

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