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Problems in the industry 

In this industry 5.0, technology and automation are the key viables to every organization in the economy. When technology is at the pinnacle of its evolution, convenience becomes  second nature for every consumer. Looking at the other end of the spectrum, when convenience comes into play, security is the key factor to this inversely proportional paradigm. As the process flow of accessing your personal data becomes more convenient, the vulnerability of one's security access is going to be greater. As this is mentioned, the latest technology in this current era within the security vertical is biometrics, other than the traditional usernames and pins. However, with such advanced technology existing, forgeries, thefts and frauds are still on the rise. 

Our Solution

ThKeeper brings the ultimate innovative technology to reinvent the way individuals' identities are managed. By providing a safe environment for identities to be created digitally; further verifying its validity using the identity of owner's biophysical data; and securely storing it on a centralized and unified location, accessible only by its authorized personnels from anywhere in the world, whilst effectively managing risk, security and confidentiality. Our solution is applicable to various sectors in the cybersecurity and finance industry.

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